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Sunday, April 20

#BecauseofHim - Happy Easter!

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I remember what Easter meant to me around the time this photo was taken . . . 
While I've believed in Christ my whole life, I think that when I was a child - Easter was more about candy, bunnies, & a pretty new dress. 

Those are all good things & I enjoy them still {especially the chocolate}. But now I know even more. Now I understand that because of Christ there is always hope, because of Him we can find peace in a troubled world, & because of Him death has lost its sting. I have read the part about death loosing its sting in the scriptures, but I was never able to comprehend the meaning until I lost loved ones who are absolutely essential in my life. It still hurts to loose them, but I am comforted by the knowledge that this separation is temporary. Because of what Christ did for us, we can be together again. 

Here's a video that sums it all up beautifully. Enjoy & Happy Easter dear friends! {PS - Eat a chocolate bunny for me today!} If the embeded link isn't working, you can click here:


  1. Cute photo! I love the booboo on the knee! I, too, love the meaning of Easter. What a great reminder that this life isn't the end and our mistakes and sins can be forgiven.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Ruthie. I chuckled when you brought up the scab on the knee, because I almost mentioned it in my post. I AM A KLUTZ! There - I said it! And this photo is proof that I always have been. {All the more reason to need a Savior, right?}

      Warmly, MIchelle


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