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Tuesday, January 14

How to Make Boot Socks

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Aren't all the new boot styles out there SO cute? I recently embellished some socks & it was very easy to turn plain socks into something with a little more personality. 

1) Supplies: Lace, thread, buttons, & socks. {I love this Urania brand which I found at TJ Maxx}. 

2) Sewing lace on the top: Turn the sock inside out & choose a starting point on the inside of the leg. Leave about an inch of extra lace at the starting point. Stretch the sock as much as you can while sewing the lace. This gathers the lace & allows room to go over the foot & calf when putting the sock on. At the end, cut the lace about an inch longer than the stopping point. 

3) Sewing the ends: Next turn the sock the other direction - & using the extra inch pieces mentioned earlier, sew the raw edges. I go over it a few times with a zig zag stitch so the ends won't fray. Then trim the excess lace with scissors.

4) Sew on the button(s): Turn the sock right side out again & plan it so that the buttons are on the sides that face out from the right & left side of the legs.  
And here they are with my niece's new Frye boots!

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  1. Love this because I am ALWAYS looking for these socks and never find them!
    Pinned it!


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