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Wednesday, December 11

"Jingle" Craft Challenge - Studio 5

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Recently, Studio 5 {a local lifestyle television program} contacted me with a challenge to create something using the word "Jingle" as my inspiration.  My friend, Debi,  sent me this idea . . . 

Wow, for $450 - it can be yours too! {CLICK HERE for the ad.} I decided to copy this idea & see how much money I could save by making it myself. {How about a $436 savings!}
Target has some cute little clutches on sale for about $12. The tinsel garland {from Walmart 97¢} was attached with little strings of hot glue. The garland will melt, so be conservative about how much glue. Scissors or some sort of tool can be used to press the garland down until it dries. {This saves the fingers from getting burned!} Tweezers help to hold the little bells {from Hobby Lobby} while the hot glue is applied & adhered to the purse. And so here it is!

This project started out as a bit of a joke - an accessory to take to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. But guess what? It's really cute! I think it would look great worn during the month of December with the right outfit. The shoes, however started out as a joke to match the purse & they remain just that! 

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