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Thursday, November 28

Thanksgiving Blessings & a Mashed Potato Cooking Tip

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Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Sis's table was so beautiful. She used her grandmother's Minton bone china. I love the beautiful burgundy & turquoise floral pattern. She used these colors with gold thrown in.  Gorgeousness!!

The day was PERFECTION. Well, except for the following:
  • In an apparent suicide attempt, my iphone JUMPED into the toilet & tried to drown itself. {Atleast the toilet water was clean.} I've given the phone the rest of the week off at the rice spa. Please help me pray I can bring it back to life.
  • While "helping" Sis cook our Thanksgiving meal, my gravy overflowed all over her beautiful cook top.
  • I burned my hand getting the sweet potatoes out of the oven. Not too bad though. 
  • We cooked the turkey upside down! While slicing it, the men couldn't "find" the white meat because it was on the bottom. Ha ha. Still delicious though!
BY THE WAY, WE TRIED SOMETHING NEW WITH THE POTATOES THIS YEAR! You know how you're always rushing around trying to get the mashed potatoes ready at the last minute - so they are nice & hot? This year we learned you can cook & whip the potatoes hours early & put them in the crock pot to keep them nice & warm. We tried it & it worked like a charm! 

I'm so very thankful for my faith, my family & my many blessings!
PS - Isn't my "Sis" {really my sister-in-law} the cutest? She's my BFF!

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  1. You're both adorable!! Glad you had a wonderful day with your family. We started doing our mashed potatoes that way a few years ago, isn't it the best! Enjoy the holiday season, Michelle!


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