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Monday, September 2

Wonderful Weddings - A Creative Guest Book Idea

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The daughter of one of my best friends recently married &  I wanted to share the creative idea they came up with in leu of the "signing the guest book" tradition.

The bride treasures good books & she loves to read. After giving a lot of thought about how to incorporate books in to their reception decor, they came up with this brilliant idea! My friend purchased keepsake copies of some of Trina's favorite reads & placed them on the table where guests entered. Instead of signing a traditional "guest book" {that would probably be buried in a box somewhere - I mean, when was the last time you looked at yours?!}, wedding guests were  invited to sign the margins & end papers of the books.

These darling bridesmaids kept the books rotated to make sure they all got signed . . . 
I also loved the beautiful "citrusy" color palate they used. {Citrusy is a real word, by the way!}
Would you like to see a pic of the beautiful bride? Me too!
I just loved her simple flowers & they smelled SO good too.

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