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Friday, July 12

A Colorful & Contemporary Family Room

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It has been such a delight to decorate this colorful & whimsical room! My client wanted a fun, contemporary vibe for her children to enjoy & use to entertain their friends. 

When designing a room like this, I recommend starting out with an area rug or a piece of artwork. When choosing a rug, make sure it's not too small! This colorful {8x10} rug provided the color inspiration for the other elements of the room.

Some funky artwork creates a great atmosphere.

These "pods" or ottomans can be moved around the room for the kids to sit & play on. And this mobile over the air hockey table adds a touch of whimsey.
We added some fun accessories to the small kitchen as well . . . 
The Ikea shelves in the kitchen helped to add some personality . . . 


The family is enjoying their new room.


  1. What a stylish room, Michelle. Love the playful, sophisticated vibe! If you can share your sources I'd love to know where you found the barstools and funky art.

    1. Thank you for making my day with your compliment Pam. I'm such a fan of your work, so that meant a lot! The barstools were an find. And the art is from a local store called Copenhagen West. (I'm not sure if that is a chain store that can be found elsewhere?) I'm in Europe, but I can't wait to catch up on your blog when I get back!

      Warmly, Michelle

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