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Thursday, June 20

Blog in Review - The Turquoise Table Was a Miss

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In this series, I'm reviewing a few of the projects I've done - with brutal honesty about whether they worked out. There have been some hits & some misses.

One of my favorite times of the year is my neighborhood curb-side pick up. Everyone puts their "garbage" in front of their house & then people like me pick it up before the garbage collectors come around {he he}. I found this little beauty & painted it - but I'm calling it a "Miss".

Even though it looks A LOT better than it did when I found it . . .

I got tired of the strong turquoise color. PLUS, the spray paint I used was shiny. But luckily, it's just paint. So I am going to re-paint it. {Probably off white}. I've also learned that spray paint probably isn't the best choice for furniture.

{CLICK HERE} to see the original post about how I painted the table.

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