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Friday, June 14

Blog in Review - Pantry Palooza Was a Hit

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In this series, I'm reviewing a few of the projects I've done - with brutal honesty about whether they worked out.  There have been some hits & some misses. 

The Pantry Palooza project - where I painted, prettified, & organized my pantry was a "Hit"!

This project is one of my most "pinned" & the organization has lasted 2 years! My family is very cooperative & they put things where they are supposed to go. I used oil-based {read STINKY} paint - and although it was torture at the time, the finish has held up very well. I only have one "nick" in the paint where I  have bumped the heavy jars putting them back on the shelf . . .

{By the way - I got these large jars from Ikea, but they no longer sell this size.}

I promised brutal honesty, so I need to "come clean" on the labels -  the chalkboard marker comes off easily. I try not to touch them - ha ha! If they smudge, I just write it over again . . .

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  1. good idea

  2. Thank you for the brutal honesty about the chalkboard markers! Everyone in the universe is singing their praises, and I was planning to use them for my pantry labels. Thanks to your wisdom, I will use paint pens instead, and just peel the labels off if I need change the contents. Major frustration prevented!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment Karen. I like your idea with the other kind of markers. If you blog about your new project, let me know and I will come and look at it. Happy organizing


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