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Thursday, June 6

A Kid's Firefighter Birthday Party Flashback

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When my kiddos were little, we didn't have a lot of money - but we did have some fun with their birthday parties. This was before blogging & the pictures are pretty mediocre, but I wanted to share this party idea with you.

Back in the day, my little Jeff wanted more than anything else to be a firefighter. So, when his birthday rolled around - the theme was an easy choice. 

I read in a book {& it turned out to be true} that if your local firefighters aren't busy at the time of your party, they will bring their engine out to your home & show the kids. For free! Luckily, the only crisis on the day of OUR party was that it snowed {in May}! So when the guys rolled up to our house in their firetruck, the kids were in heaven.

And they taught the children a bit about fire safety too. Bonus!

By the way, Jeff is 24 now. The firefighter dream didn't last though  - now he's in college studying computer engineering. If you have little ones, enjoy every day - it sure goes quickly!


  1. Did you know my sweet husband is a firefighter? They give tons of tours, etc... gotta love a firefighter; I know I do!
    Excellent party, snow and all. Great flashback Thursday! xoxo jules

    1. Oh wow! I didn't know! That is so wonderful. You both have my admiration & respect. And you're right - gotta love a man in uniform!

      Warmly, Michelle


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