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Monday, March 4

How to Shorten & Hem Jeans

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I am 5' 5 1/2 " tall & I like my height just fine except when
shopping for pants. I'm too tall for petite & too short for
jeans made for tall girls. 
So, I end up having to adjust the length on almost
all my jeans or pants.

Luckily, it's not that hard!
Here's how . . .

Jeans are almost always machine hemmed, {as opposed to a hand stitched hem} so you'll want to follow suit.
Notice what color thread is used for the top-stitching on
your jeans & match it the best you can.
I often use a thicker or heavier duty thread if I have it.
{Do I wish I had gotten a manicure before taking these
photos? Oh yeah!}
By the way, I love these jeans I got for about $25 at Costco
because they are mid-rise. The fit is awesome!
Email me if you have any questions about hemming jeans.
Happy Sewing!

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