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Sunday, January 20

Trends - How I Feel About Them

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A lot of my favorite bloggers are writing about
what's trending in home decor & the 2013 color of the year
{emerald green - in the unlikely event you haven't heard}.
I love reading these articles.

I also have my own opinion about trends in home decor.

In a nutshell my advice is: 
Don't chase them.

Of course we are all influenced by trends,
but what I mean is - be true to yourself.
The reality is that trends are not just created for fun.
They are shaped by people & companies who 
want us to spend more money.
That's why the designs for the heels on women's shoes go from
spikey to clunky to wedge . . . you get the picture.
{But whatever is in now, is usually 
the opposite of the prior trend!}

So-o-o, unless you have unlimited resources
& can change your home just like that,
 just pick what you like.
 OR head for some middle ground.

Instead of filling my whole home with emerald green chevron,
maybe I could just find a couple of accessories
which would help me to enjoy the trend without feeling
out-of-date in two years when everyone remembers that
emerald WAS the color of the year.
{As Heidi Klum would say, 
"One day you ah in & ve next you ah out!"}

And can I just say that I've been around for . . .
well . . . A WHILE! And I've seen a lot of fads come & go.
Did you know that pretty much everything eventually 
comes back in style? Granted, some things 
never should have been in!
{but let's leave Billy Ray's hair out of it - shall we?}

I personally have spent years "updating" the metal finishes
in my home from brass to oil-rubbed bronze.
Guess what? 
I turned my back & brass is coming back.
I just hope it's not shiny brass!

One strategy: hold back.
When we bought our current home the first thing Hunny said to me was, "Please don't paint the kitchen cabinets".
I have two words for you girls:
"They're oak!"
But guess what, they are in fantastic shape.
So I thought, "Why not?".
Everything comes back. Just sit tight.
Some day someone is going to walk into our kitchen & say,
"OHHH, original oak cabinets!! Wow!!"
{You may be right, I may be crazy, but it 
just may be a lunatic your looking for.}

Don't believe me?
What about the trend where everyone carpeted over 
their beautiful hardwood floors?

What's your feeling about trends?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lexie, one thing's for sure - your taste is excellent!

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. Oh Wise Woman! This post had me thinking AND laughing. I love the Garth Brooks reference, btw! Let's see... lucky for me I love green and have tons of it; so FINALLY I am IN ... after being completely out of style by not having teal at every turn. I totally agree that to be true to yourself will make life much easier and cheaper! xoxo jules

    1. Oh yay, I'm so glad I made you laugh Cute Jules! What I failed to say is that green is actually a neutral. It looks great with everything! {I think that's why God - the ultimate creator - used so much of it in nature.} So, you've got fantastic taste!

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. Agreed. I don't implement trends because I don't want my house to look like a carbon copy of a design magazine or every house decor blog for the year. I think everyone should find/develop their own design style & my favorite homes are ones where the style has obviously been carefully honed and collected over the course of many years. Individual character is key. I'm not a HUGE fan of the color of the year, Emerald. It is making my favorite Spring Green harder to find. I'll be keeping my Emerald color use to December only decor.

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  5. You've said it all.. so true.. true to my heart too.. I do like the cycle cushion in the 1st pic.. :)

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I love the bicycle pillow too!

      Warmly, Michelle


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