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Monday, July 2

Fun Times at Girl's Camp

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I'm a youth leader in my church
& we just returned from a 
wonderful camping trip!

The theme was
We have such a great time at Girl's Camp 
& for some reason being there
always reminds me of "The Parent Trap"
{only our girls are much sweeter & there's far less drama!}.

I loved the fun way of writing notes to each other . . .
We enjoyed the beautiful outdoors . . .
and had a wonderful patriotic program . . .
For a service project, the girls wrote
thank you notes & letters to those serving in the military.
{I'll admit I got a little choked up over this.}
Skit night is one of my favorite parts of camp.
Our group's color was purple,
so I found some cowboy boots at D.I. {thrift store}.
I spray painted them & hot glued rhinestones on them.
More skit night fun . . .
{The group above got "wrestling" belt buckles from the party
store & girly-fied them up with rhinestones. Cool!}

And there were some pranks & shenanigans 
along the way as well.
I just about jumped out of my skin when 
I found this "cowgirl" sleeping in my bed!
Who planned all of this amazingness?
None other than my friend, domestic goddess,
& superhero - Drexel
{who also created that fabulous Christmas party}.
It sure was a heap o' fun
& a spiritual boost too!

Hope you're having a wonderful
summer as well.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I loved seeing the theme and creativity!

  2. Sounds like soo much fun! Great purple outfit :) The boots are my favourite!!
    It makes me miss Girls Camp haha!

  3. How fun! I love that sign, too. I'm loving the western theme lately <3

  4. Looks so fun! Love Girl's Camp, loads of fun and such a testimony builder! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. That looks like SO much fun. Oh, how I miss going to camp. Special props for the thrifty boots - you rocked 'em!

    I really enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the "Versatile Blogger" award. You have also been mentioned in the award post on my blog ( Thanks for inspiring me!

  6. Oh my goodness, I miss girl's camp so much! That looks like such a fun theme and I loved the pony express writing station. Too cute.

  7. Wow wow wow!!! Your camp turned out amazing!! I love how you really adhered to the theme! Holy COW!! lol

  8. It was my pleasure to feature you Erin. I can't believe how spectacular your photos are! And thank you for your sweet compliment.Bicalutamide


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