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Monday, June 25

Inexpensive Art Grouping & A Room Tour

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If you've been reading my blog for a while,
you may remember my 

She recently bought a new home 
& once in a while she calls me in 
to help with her decor.

The home is very large with huge walls.
Julianne came up with a
 beautiful & inexpensive grouping.
{She made it & I hung it - I think she got the more enjoyable job!}

She started with some canvases,
painted the edges brown,
& Modpodged coordinating scrapbook papers on them.
Like this . . . 
TIP: Julianne foresaw that it would be a nightmare trying to get the edges of the
paper perfectly aligned with the canvases, so she cut the borders in a wavy pattern
so it wouldn't be an issue. BRILLIANT!

Here is the grouping . . .
So cute, right?

Would you like to see the rest of her master bedroom?
I thought so!

I also love her inexpensive ottomans
at the foot of her bed.
She got them from Ikea & the covers were an oatmeal color.
I suggested she dye them teal to coordinate with her room -
she did & they turned out great!
Click here if you'd like to check out 
more of Julianne's home during the holidays!


  1. Simply gorgeous! I love your idea of dying the ottomans... I've never, ever dyed anything and it may be time for me to do that! The artwork is perfect, great idea cutting those darn edges to make them a non-issue! I'm going now to click on the holiday tour... I know I will get some fabulous inspiration! xoxo jules

    1. Hello Darling Jules, Thank you for your sweet comment. It is always a pleasure to have you here! Warmly, Michelle

  2. thank you for your kind words...will come again and like lots of what you do
    but GIRL you are way to young looking to me a grandmother....

    1. Dear Kathryn, Your comment made my day! Thank you for your "kind eyes"!

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. Great idea..just found you now following!

    1. Welcome aboard Tammy! It is an honor to have you as a follower.

      Warmly, Michelle


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