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Tuesday, April 3

More is . . . More! Adding to My Chalkboard Wall

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When is a project ever actually finished anyway?
If you're like me . . .  probably never!
Can I get an "AMEN"?!
One of my favorite projects is my
Chalkboard/Art Wall

I found a few more frames & I decided
to add to my grouping . . . 
Can you spot the additions?
As I designer, I'm often quoting the 
"Less is more" mantra. 
BUT when it comes to groupings, 
I think the busier the better!

I'm also having loads of fun with
 messages inside my frames.
The artwork in the frame below is a 
blatant rip-off 
*ahem* flattering imitation 
of Miss Mustard Seed's 
"Simple Spring" post {find her's here!}.
Happy Spring, by the way!


  1. I love how you painted the wall and then added the gold frames to break it up a bit. The chalk art looks awesome! :)

    1. EVERYBODY PLEASE NOTE:" Miss Mustard Seed" is in the building! WAHOO! So fun to have you stop by & leave a comment. {I told her about the post & invited her over.} Thanks for making my day! :D

      Warmly, Michelle

    2. You've really made it now, Michelle. Hooray! :)

  2. I love your wall, it's gorgeous. The fact that you have empty frames so you're able to write "in" them is genius. LOVE the new additions too!

  3. Now that is pretty snazzy :) I just a simple chalkboard on Sunday, I'd better step up my game! NICE JOB I really like it with the frames.

  4. Ok so I was totally thinking the other day of doing this. Seriously. It is scary how much some peeps think alike! I have this wall that ALWAYS gets dirty and just looks awful but it is a small wall and wanted to just paint it with chalkboard paint. This is fab...I can just see getting cool vintage frames at Goodwill for this! Great job!!! Love it. :)

    1. Go for it Kari! I'll bet my bonnet you'll love it. And make sure to send pics of YOUR wall.

      Warmly, Michelle

  5. I love this wall, especially the gold frames against the chalkboard.

  6. This is incredibly creative. Got any advise for one who's not into blackboard? Do they make other chalkboard shades? Like it would really make a difference... I live in the Philippines.

    Really adorable. I would have SOOOO much fun with a piece of chalk!

  7. Hi Kelley, Thanks for visiting all the way from the Philippines! Chalkboard paint comes in many colors & some say you can even mix your own. {There's lots of information about this on the internet - I've never tried it though.} Hudson Paint, for instance, carries lots of beautiful hues. I have not used this brand however. Good luck!

    Warmly, Michelle

  8. So fun, LOVE all the great frames and different elements, Changing up the messages will be so much fun!!


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