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Saturday, April 14

600 Followers Celebration & My Gift to You!

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Oh my goodness!
I am so 
it's time for a . . . 

I have a thank you gift for you -
to express my gratitude.

In preparation for this occasion,
I have been performing little . . . 
in behalf
 each of you wonderful followers.
I'll start with my favorite . . .
  • Tutoring & playing with a little girl who is a  Sudanese Refugee - 120 minutes {I must have done a great job - look how happy she is in the pic above!}

More random acts of kindness . . . 
  • Helping two friends pick out paint colors for their homes {no charge, of course} - 30 minutes
  • Preparing a "Happy Valentine's Day" dinner for a {single} girlfriend who is too ill to leave her home - 60 minutes
  • Putting yellow ribbons & bows in my neighbors yard for their son's homecoming - 20 minutes
Still not there yet . . . 
  • Taking anonymous Valentine's surprises to single friends - 60 minutes
  • Working for 2 hours so that I could donate my earnings to a young person who is going to India to help the children there - 120 minutes
ALMOST to my goal . . . 
  • Volunteering at my local food bank - 120 minutes
    With my friend, Kaisey at the Utah Food Bank
    • Making pillowcases for a children's hospital - 120 minutes
    Thank you for giving me a 
    wonderful occasion to celebrate.

    Won't you please join me by using your blog
     to do good?


    1. I absolutely adore your "acts of service" idea to honor your followers!

    2. What a wonderful idea! I love how you are sharing your gifts with your community. You are a shining example of what bloggers could do with their medium. God bless you.

    3. Congratulations!!!! Everything you are doing is beautiful =) I love that you help people

    4. This is a wonderful idea. I haven't got around to writing it up yet, but all proceeds from my blog and etsy store for the next 15 months will got to help finance our humanitarian trip to Africa. My hubby is a dentist in the USAF and I will get to be his assistant. I'll link it up, if I ever get around to writing it up.

    5. THANK YOU for your heartfelt service, Michelle and congrats on 600 followers!! Awesome as always!


    6. Hello! I’m stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop
      this week!

      I hope to see you there!
      The Chicken Chick


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