Thursday, March 8

Quotation of the Month - March

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- Ian MacLaren

"Most of us are acutely aware 
of our own struggles and 
we are preoccupied with our own problems. 
We sympathize with ourselves 
because we see our own difficulties so clearly. 
But Ian MacLaren noted wisely, 
'Let us be kind to one another, 
for all of us are fighting a hard battle.' ”

                      - Rev. John Watson


  1. So true. Thank you for the reminder.
    Much love.

  2. I love this quote, it's so true!
    You just never know who might be struggling everyday.
    Before judging someone think about what they might be strugling, you might even make a difference with a smile or a simple 'Thank you.'

    Thanks for sharing the quote! ;)


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