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Wednesday, March 14

Little Things Bug Me - I Fixed Another One of Them

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In the last couple of weeks
I have been "fluffing up" my
main floor half bathroom.
{Click here to see the last post
about refinishing the cabinet.}

As you can see in the photo above,
one goal was to change the silver toilet handle
to match the oil-rubbed bronze finishes in the room.

I did check with a large plumbing supply house
for a handle in the finish I wanted,
but did not find any that could be retrofitted.

As you know, I think a can of spray paint
can change the world!
If Hunny had been home, 
I'm sure he would have wanted it "done right"
by removing the handle before painting it.
But I was feeling
conservative with my time,
so I took an easier path . . . 
I put a plastic bag over the tank,
a drop cloth over the toilet, floor, & vanity,
& a poster board on the wall behind the tank
{all to protect against overspray}.
Then, I let 'er rip!
So simple!
I let it dry & the fumes are already gone
out of the house.

It turned out great!

Next on the list: replacing the faucet.


  1. Did you have to prep the handle itself, or will the paint adhere and not scratch off without any prep? I'm intrigued ...

  2. All that little stuff adds up! The finish looks great. Just like new =) I would so do that too, the spray painting in the house. LOL... I did actually. My fireplace brick. Great idea just covering everything and going for it!


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