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Monday, February 20

Sometimes White is Right - Main Floor Bathroom {Part 2}

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Ever since we bought our home,
I've been trying to get rid of the 
"contractor" standard stuff &
bring in some character with lighting, doorknobs, etc.

In my last postI talked about the 
cabinet in my half bathroom
that just had to go!
Here it is in the photo above.
It made an already tiny room look even smaller. 
It also blocked light from the fixture alongside it.

Hubby removed it &
then came the hard part - choosing paint.
I've been so captivated lately by 
beautiful white rooms.
Like these . . . {both from Country Living Magazine}
I love the simplicity of the white walls with the dark woods.
{Country LIving Magazine}
It's difficult to tell from my "before" photo,
but the walls had a faux texture finish 
that I painted a few years ago.
{Here's the wall with the cabinet off.}
By the way, no matter what anyone tells you,
if you paint a small space a dark color - it WILL close
the walls in & make the room feel more cramped.
I decided to try {& I know this isn't very creative}
{It's actually not as yellow as it looks in the photos, 
but it is a creamy hue to match 
the sink & toilet which are not a true white.}
I really like the dark accessories with the white walls.
Creamy-white towels were influenced by the 
white linens in the inspiration room.
By the way, wondering how to paint behind a toilet?
These tiny rollers fit behind the tank & 
have a long handle to reach all along the wall.

Also, on my to-do list:
re-staining the cabinet a darker color
& adding some fun hardware.
I don't have a "before" photo, but the last time
I worked on this bathroom we put in the
 mirror {from Pottery Barn}
light fixture, towel rack, & toilet paper holder.

We also installed this beautiful door knob
{made by Emtek}. Love it!
There are a few more changes planned!


  1. That looks so much better...makes one wonder why anyone would stick a cabinet up there! I like white too...classic! :D

  2. That looks great! You always do such a lovely job! I'm currently trying to pick paint colors for my bedroom...I'm so indecisive!

  3. Loving how it looks!!! Congrats!

  4. Stopping by from the blog hop! I love that door knob. I love white, someday I would love to have a house of all white, but that won't happen so I guess I will settle for just a room in the house!

  5. SO FRESH! I find myself drawn to so many white spaces. Very relaxing and easy to add a pop of color when the seasons change. That doorknob is just darling. You are correct.. sometimes white is right!!! xoxo

  6. White is right in that room! Love, love , love that door handle too! So gorgeous and really pops against the white :)


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