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Wednesday, February 1

Little Ways to Make Your Guests Comfortable

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Hello Blog Friends,
I do have some projects in the works
& hope to be blogging about them soon.

In the meantime . . .
I have company coming this weekend, so
I thought I'd share my tips for 
making guests
feel welcome & comfortable.

{Most of these ideas are based on my own "isms" 
when I am away from home - 
fear of starving to death, worries about getting cold,
 devastation about forgetting my toothbrush, etc. Ha ha.}
  • Treats & drinks. I put a few granola bars {or fruit} & some water in the guest room closet for easy access in case guests get hungry in between meals.
  • Provide a mirror/vanity area. In case guests are sharing a bathroom, I like to have another area where they can put on make-up, etc. I removed a hanger pole to make this area with a mirror & a shelf. {See the end of this article for a before pic of the closet.}
  • Books & reading material. For this purpose, I recommend the kind of books you can open & read a little snippet without having to get immersed in a plot.

  • A clean robe. They take so much room in a suitcase, that I seldom pack one myself. I love it when there's one available for me to use.
  • Extra blankets & pillows. If you don't have space for them in the room, make sure the guests know where they are.
  • Linen spray. My favorite is Caldrea's Lavendar Pine scent. I love to spritz the sheets & towels with it.

  • Guest drawer. Keep a drawer stocked with sample sized extras of the little things that are essential, but easily left behind. Ours has a note letting our visitors know that they are welcome to anything they need.
  • Clean out the closet. Since guest rooms are not often in use, it's easy to "throw" extra belongings into the closets. Try to avoid this tendency & keep the closet clutter free so visitors will have somewhere to put their belongings. Here's what our closet looked like before I cleaned it out . . .

If I've missed any tips about what you
like to do to make your guests feel welcome,
please fill me in by leaving a comment about it!

PS - Jerri from Simply Sweet Home wrote a great post about this also. I loved one idea she shared in particular: "Be sure that you have an open and easily accessible plug in so that you’re guests can charge their phones and other electronic devices." Click here to read her article!


    1. SO NICE! I want to come stay over night here...great ideas. :D

      1. Julie, I've always wanted to meet you! Please do come!

        Warmly, Michelle

    2. Very pretty!! Such wonderful ideas! I have a room that I would like to convert into a guest room...I will keep these ideas in mind!!

    3. Hi Michelle!

      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet note! And thanks for letting me know that someone had listed me over at Vintage Revivals.

      That's pretty fun. I had no idea!

      Oh, and you are SOOOOOO much better than I am when it comes to sprucing for guests.

      Right now our guest room doubles as our toy-room, so I'm afraid it's not very cozy. We're working on remedying that. (Your closet looks awesome, by the way).

      P.S. I'm following along, and I love that your comments description says "kindred spirits." I'm a big "Anne fan." : )

    4. All I want to say is "I wanna be your guest sometime" ;)

      1. Ah Claudia, You cutie. Please do come!

        Warmly, Michelle

    5. At Hotel Tobler one thing we've learned to make guests comfortable, is to take them on a tour, every room (of course you don't have to show the master, but when we went to the awesome lake side home in Seattle we wanted to see every beautiful room!). Let them know where everything is (we tend to feel like we're a bother when we have to ask for things), extra towels, food, laundry room, etc.
      <3 Hugs

      1. Thanks Katie, I love a tour as well. {Note to self: Make sure every room is clean for tour!}

        Love you! Michelle

    6. You've gone and done it now. My bags are packed, I'm coming for the weekend!
      These are the most thoughtful ways to make your company feel even more welcome!
      Kerry at HouseTalkN

    7. MICHELLE RESPONDS: Yay Kerry! I've been hoping you would come! Call me when your plane lands. ;D

    8. What lovely touches and gestures,one thing I do add to the room, is a little sewing kit, mainly because I always loose a button etc when Im away, and I add to the bathroom a packet of emery boards for those pesky nail chips/breaks. :)

    9. Thank you for inspiring me to clean out my closets! Yours looks great!

    10. Just by looking at it makes me smily already! Your guests will give you 10star for sure!!!


    11. Hi Michelle, I can just imagine what it is like to be a guest in your home. I bet you make everyone very welcome and comfortable. Thanks for all the ideas. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    12. would make anyone feel welcome. You are a great hostess!

    13. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all your tips, and that before and after photo of your closet is amazing!


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