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Sunday, February 12

Blogging 101 - Kicking it Up a Notch

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I'm learning more about blogging almost every day.
And it's fun to share 
little bits of bloggy wisdom along the way.

{If you missed my first two articles,  
CLICK HERE for some general tips &
CLICK HERE for a post about 
how to keep visitors for longer.}
Today's Blogging Tips
  • Pinterest & a "Pin-it" Button - As you know, just about everyone with a computer is crazy about this on-line bulletin board. If one of your photos is posted there, it can bring a boatload of traffic to your blog! Make it easier by adding a "Pin it" button at the end of each post. Readers simply click the button to post a picture on Pinterest. There is a wonderful tutorial on Kevin & Amanda on how to do it. {And their blog has lots of other fab stuff too-you'll love it!}

  • Check Your Stats - How do I know that I get a ton of "hits" from Pinterest? This & lots of other good information shows in my Stats.  {I'm embarrassed to say that I blogged for a year before I knew about this.} If you use Blogger, click on the "Design" tab in the upper right-hand corner of your home page. Then click on the "Stats" tab - again in the upper right-hand corner. You'll learn a lot of things from this. {For instance, it will be obvious if another blog has featured you - some "big blogs don't let you know!}
Another site that can give you valuable information is Alexa. Ever wondered how long visitors stay on your blog or who is in your demographic? You can find out & it's free! Pretty interesting stuff.

  • Music - Is it drawing readers in or chasing them away? Many thanks to my reader {who goes by Dragonfly4} for bringing this to my attention. She left a comment on another blogging tips post stating, "Often I will have many links open in my browser, & once in a while one will have a personal play list. I like to have my own music playing when I'm browsing, or maybe I'm browsing while my family watches a tv show together. It's really a huge pain to find which window that playlist is in so I can close it down. There are many great blogs that I just will not read because I'm forced to listen to music I don't want to hear while browsing." I guess the moral of the story is that music is a fun way to bring atmosphere to a blog, but not everyone appreciates it.
  • Copyright Your Work - Is there such a thing as an "original idea"? I'm not sure & I actually love to share {that's why I started a blog in the first place}. But just in case I do come up with something brilliant some day, I'd like to at least be given a little credit for it. A site called My Free Copyright makes it easy to protect your work and it costs nada. 

Hope these tips help!

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  1. First Michelle that is the cutest picture of you, love it!! These tips are so great, thank you for sharing!!

  2. thank for the tips Michelle! I still think you don't look like a grandma!

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle & Claudia - for the sweet compliment & for taking the time to comment! You're great.

  3. thank you for this information....I am learning something new everyday. I just used your link to copyright my blog...thanks!!

  4. I love your Bloggy Wisdom, Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Blog Tips Cafe linky party over at I Gotta Create!


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