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Thursday, January 19

Hand-Painted Wall Art - The Easy Way

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I shared this last year through a blog swap,
but in case you missed it, here's an
easy & inexpensive way to create wall art.
This was a project I did for a little girl's room.
STEP 1: 
Find a simple picture you'd like to copy.
Copy the picture onto transparency film.
This only works on a lazer printer! 
If you only need a few sheets, you can buy them
very inexpensively at the copy shop.
Borrow an overhead projector from your local
school or church & project the image onto the wall.
{TIP: This works best on a white wall. Or if you do it
on a colored wall, use white paint for the artwork.}
Lightly draw around the image with a pencil.
You don't have to use every detail - just the parts you want.
Color in with paint, making sure to cover the pencil lines.
{The green paint color on these branches is represented
on other walls in the room.}
$1 for the transparency sheets
{We already had the paint.}

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  1. GREAT reminder on doing this! I have such a hard time settling on what "picture" to do. I suppose the "ennie meenie" method isn't a great one when designing. Hope the first few weeks of 2012 are treating you right... I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you this year, and what delightful things you have planned to teach us!!! jules

  2. Your wall art is beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial. We rent our house right now but someday I would love to paint something like this in my girl's room!

  3. I love what you chose to paint on your wall! It's beautiful :)

  4. Michelle, you always have such beautiful projects! I love what this adds to the room. Thanks SO much for sharing it at the Kiss & Tell party over at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina


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