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Monday, January 23

From Outdated to Updated - An Amazing Kitchen Transformation

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I was recently involved in helping to design a
kitchen remodel 
& I'm excited to share the amazing transformation with you.

A lot of the houses
in my area were built in the 1970's & 
are really heavy on oak cabinetry.
When Mike & Becky called me,
their kitchen looked like this . . .
{NOTE: Luckily, they have a kitchen in their basement & they were able to live downstairs during the remodel.
This is the ONLY way I can recommend living in your while re-doing your kitchen!}

Mike & Becky had a good idea of what they wanted,
& made a lot of good design choices on their own.
I helped with colors, some layout, finishes, etc.
I'm super pleased with the outcome & so are they.

You're not going to believe this is the same room . . .
The whole room was gutted & not one thing was re-used.
As you can see, the bulkhead was removed, ceiling raised, recessed & pendant lighting installed, bar removed &
 island installedbeautiful new cabinetry installed
subway tile backsplash added, granite countertops installed, hardwood floors added, & high-end appliances installed. 
By the way, you may notice all the stainless steel in the photos
below. I asked Becky how it was going keeping her appliances free of fingerprints. She said it was not much of a problem thanks to her secret weapon {you're not going to believe this} 
Pledge furniture polish!
I love the bright airy feel of simple elegance in the new design.

There are some well-thought-out features 
that don't show in the photos too - 
such as touch faucets & a wonderful sound system
in the ceiling for listening to media.
The bow-front design on the range hood {above}
is also copied in other features such as the main sink.

These homeowners plan to keep their house for a very long time.
{Which I recommend if you are going to do a high-end remodel like this. Kitchens are a great place to put $ for 
resale, but use a tighter budget if you are planning on putting the home on the market right away.}
And they are enjoying their dream kitchen.
Thank you, Mike & Becky, 
for allowing me to be a part of it!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! Very pretty and a dream kitchen indeed. :-)

  2. So awesome...what a change! Love it so much! :D

  3. Beautiful! I love looking at remodeled kitchens...hoping to get mine done someday and it's always's great to get some ideas!

  4. Drop-dead, stunning, bucket full of perfection! LOVE.

  5. Seriously one amazing makeover! I just love the new space!!

  6. wow!! wow!! amazing makeover!!

  7. wow, that is an amazing transformation. love the huge island!

  8. Michelle, the makeover is awesome! You're a natural talent! This is my first visit here and i am glad to have found you and your blog! I have become your newest follower. Have a nice evening!
    Love, Olga

  9. We are in the middle of ripping some things out and reusing others in our kitchen. We bought all of the nice appliances already and put them into an outdated kitchen! So we will get new counters, but we are sanding and repainting existing heavy oak cabinets to be white.

  10. This is such a beautiful update! I just can't believe it, that's a lot of work and gorgeous payoff.

  11. Michelle,
    This kitchen looks fabulous!!!! I absolutely love it :)

  12. What a Dazzling Re-Do!!! It is indeed a total transformation. Just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it at the Kiss & Tell party over at my place, Michelle! I'm featuring this on Facebook right away to inspire others!!

  13. ...and on the blog, too! {You're popular over at my place ;) }
    Thanks again for linking up :)

  14. now THAT is my kind of kitchen! I can barely believe it's the same HOUSE let alone the same room :) It looks GORGEOUS!! I love how it's light and bright but still so full of warmth :) You guys did an amazing job!

  15. Just a slight difference, ha! It turned out beautiful!!!! By the way, I needed that tip on the stainless steel appliances, thank you. :)

  16. Wow! What an incredible makeover! Love how bright and open it looks now! Love the details like the bow fronted hood! Thanks for sharing.

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