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Tuesday, December 6

My Dressy Christmas Tree

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For many years,
we have decorated two trees
in our home at Christmastime.

One tree is dressy
& the other has our 
mix-matched sentimental ornaments.

When I was young & stupid,
the dressy tree was my favorite -
now I ADORE the kid's tree.

But, the dressy tree does turn out
better in pictures!
I've used the same decorations for
I wanted to change it up a little this year
by using brighter reds than I have in the past.

Since I had a puny budget for these changes,
I headed to . . . {you know what's coming, right}

They have some really cute Christmas
for next to nothing.
The red branches & bulbs are from Wally-world.

I already had this stunning ribbon.

TIP: If you're short on ribbon, it doesn't have to 
wrap all the way around the tree. Just cut it into
three pieces & place it on the top, middle, & 
bottom sections of the tree.

I also love my little pillow,
which sums up what Christmas 
really means to me . . .
It's taking me FOREVER to 
get my decorations up this year!
How are you doing?


  1. Beautiful the good common sense way you think about things. Love that little pillow too! :D

  2. Your tree is very very pretty. Great job! I also love the Hope pillow. I collect ornaments with the word hope (which also happens to be my younger daughter's name!)

  3. Your Xmas three is very very beautiful!! I'm running behind schedule on my Xmas decoration haha, but I'm trying to keep up. Soon I'll post some pictures, but for now, I'll leave you with a Santa's belly cushion I sewed:

    BTW, I love pillows... and throws too. Your HOPE pillow is beautiful too.

  4. Gorgeous tree! I love the ribbon! I'm not running too behind this year as I'm just not doing too much. Though I still need to start my Christmas shopping--definitely behind there. :)

  5. YOUR TREE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! i have to get a move on mine...

  6. Love your tree, Michelle! It's taking me forever this year, too... I have my advent calendar up and that's it! {sigh}

  7. Not good...not good...{head shaking and hanging...}


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