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Monday, November 28

'Twas the Night Before Christmastime - Having Fun with Your Christmas Cards

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Last night,
when there wasn't a creature stirring,
my tummy shook like a 
bowl full of jelly from snickering.

What was I doing that inspired 
such frivolity?
Well, I sat in my 'kerchief &
created our Christmas cards on 

Here's the front of the card . . .
That's my cutie-pie "Sam" 
in the {real} snow last winter.
If you don't have snow, you can create some
{more about that later}.

Picnik has these adorable Santa hats
that you can add to your photos!
TIP: Go first to "Edit" then the "Seasonal" tab.

The snickering really started when I
began putting my boys in their Christmas "costumes".
Here's the "Before" shot . . .
And with a little help from Picnik . . .
It's hard to get all my boys together for a picture
& even harder to get them to wear silly stuff like this!
Maybe that's why it was such devilish fun editing
the pictures with care in hopes that my
Christmas cards soon will be there.

And I didn't want my little 
granddaughter to miss out on the 
Christmas jollification {real word, BTW} . . .
On the back of the card,
I wanted a photo of our home 
with our return address.
The only photo I had handy wasn't very "Christmasy" . . .
that's OK!
Queue the new fallen snow & the holly frame . . .
Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good night!

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  1. OOOOOH, your boys are gonna put you on the naughty list! I LOVE IT!!!


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