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Tuesday, September 27

Real Homes for Real People - Sleek & Modern City Living

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In between decorating for Halloween,
I finished up a design job
& I wanted to share it with you.
{This is the first thing you see when the elevator doors open to a shared courtyard}

When I met John & Kerri, 
they had just purchased a beautiful 
penthouse in the city.
Both their new home & 
their old home {soon to be sold}
were fully furnished.

My mission: to decide what to keep, 
what to sell, & what to add 
to make their new modern home sing.
John & Kerri love clean, modern design.
Me too! 
The challenge is making a home 
with stainless steel & clean lines 
feel warm.

We started out with the pieces in the "before" shot.
{The sofa & leather bucket chairs were from the old house, the glass tables from the new.}
We had incredible luck finding accessories 
on Overstock - including this fun rug & the quatrefoil pillows.
We chose a color from the rug for the focal wall &
John painted it himself to save money.
It turned out great.
It gives the room more impact & 
{even though it's a cool color} warms things up a lot!

This is the only room where we added decorative 
window treatments - just simple stationary panels
with fabric-covered cornice boxes.
The bistro set in the "before" photo, above,  came with the house.
Even though it is their style, John & Kerri never used it.
I thought it looked a little awkward where it was placed.
We opted for this little seating area instead.
Again, the accent chairs & side table are from Overstock.
{I chose the wood table for some 
contrast & texture
to the glass & stainless steel finishes.}
"Staging" the bar area with placemats & napkins
softens the stainless steel countertop.
{This area is just off the living room, 
so we stuck with the blue hues.}

Would you like to see the awesome kitchen?
Here's the view while you're washing the dishes . . .
On to the family room . . .
Again, this shows what accessories can do to
make a house a home.
This funky rug {from Home Goods} coordinates well with 
the artwork my clients brought from their other home.
There's so much more,
but I'll just quickly show a few more 
amazing features of this home. . .

Sleek bedroom . . . 
And I'm crazy about this bathroom.
{Check out the glass subway tile!}
We just added the little orchid, towels & artwork.
The beautiful architecture does most of the talking.
And it's not every day that I see a 
cable construction stair railing
in a residential setting.

Thank you, John & Kerri.
You {and your home} were a pleasure to work with!


  1. Michelle, it looks beautiful, I love everything you have done. Mimi xx

  2. I love the sleek designs and all the great accessories. Beautiful!

  3. the afters so much and that bathroom is so great! ;D

  4. I love that deep, rich blue on the wall and the rug. Great touches! You have a talent!

  5. Incredible -- such a fabulous job!

  6. I love it! I am always drawn to a more urban contemporary look. I am not really fond of traditional (mostly because everyone around here seems to decorate that way). Very cool!

  7. Some day when I have an actual house, I am totally hiring you. This is stunning! I love it.

  8. wow it looks so sleek and elegant !


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