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Monday, September 5

Got Food Storage? The OTHER Pantry

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As you may know, I recently 

In the new pantry, a lot of the food is 
hidden, because I got rid of much of the packaging.
But I had to chuckle when cute "Nicole"
left the following comment:
"It looks fantastic. Curious though, where do you have your food?" 

As promised, this post is about 
{the rest of the story}
my food storage closet.
BTW, I didn't tidy up for you -
I'm just showing it to you as is!
Besides the pantry in our kitchen,
we also have a closet 
{in a cool, dark part of our house}
for our extras.
This is the place where I try to keep 
at least one extra of everything we ever cook with - 
plus a lot of our household items as well.
A lot of these things were purchased on sale.
With this system, I rarely run out of 
anything while cooking &
 think bad words have to hurry to the store.

When I buy new, I often rotate it to the 
back of the row
{if there is more than one of something}.
There are some nifty rolling can rotation
systems out there, but I haven't invested in them.
We also have longer-term items
that have an extended shelf life
{5 - 30 years}.
 A lot of our food storage is for convenience
{fewer trips to the store},
but some of it is for peace of mind.
In the event {heaven forbid} that something unfortunate
happens, we like knowing that we could feed our
family for a while.

We live on a fault line,
so an earthquake is a realistic possibility.
We are doing all we can to prepare.

Even if it's not an earthquake,
most of us live in an area where 
SOME natural disaster could occur!

We also have a backpack for each family
member filled with the essentials
in case we would have to evacuate our home.
 We also have some water stored in
50 gallon drums. 

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  1. So after just making a comment about not comparing myself, I'm comparing myself. OK, not really me, but my pantry. Your pantry is what my pantry aspires to be!

    Though this comparison doesn't stress me. It gives me hope. :)


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