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Saturday, July 9

Girls' Camp Crafts & Fun

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- Caitlyn & Ryley ready for skit night -
I am a youth leader for the girls in my church 
& each year we go camping together. 
We have a great time
{as you can see from the photo above}.

AND we make some awesome crafts!

This year, each girl made a "trading pin" 
out of modeling clay.
She chose something that represented her.
{For instance, one girl is going to college in Hawaii this fall, so she made little pineapples.}

- After the clay is shaped, it is baked {instructions on the package} & pins are glued to the back -

As a surprise, we made 
a headband for each of the girls.

UPDATE: Please note - a friend taught me how to make these headbands & when we did this project, I did not even know we were copying a commercial product. Since the time I wrote this, I have been introduced to the darling women/creators of Vintage Rose Wraps. I love them & their headbands - which are far superior to the ones you see here!  If you want a fun sewing craft to do with girls, this is a fun project, but if you need a really cute headband, Vintage Rose has them available for sale {here}. Check it out!

How to make our headbands: 

We started with a strip of fabric,
{straight "stay stitching" all around the border helps keep the fabric from fraying}
then used scraps to make the flowers & leaves.

We didn't even bother with any fusible interfacing or pins,
just place your leaf & stitch the "veins" on it.

The colored scraps for the flowers are only about 
2x2 inch squares.
And it's so simple - just scrunch the fabric & sew it
as you go.

Put two coordinating fabrics together if you want.

Each one turned out unique . . . 
just like the girls we gave them to!

More Girl's Camp fun in the next post.


  1. Those trading pins are a great idea!!! Wish I had know that before for girls camp but I will book mark.
    Love the headbands too!!!

  2. I love these types of headbands :)

  3. The ones I personally made aren't as cute as these. At least the most recent ones. And I can run that many because I don't have one condensed blog where I post EVERYTHING. I have...5? because then I can run separate trains of thoughts without them getting all jumbled together. And I'm not good at posting regularly, so I'm not sure I can even call them blogs. I'll check the linky party. Never been on one haha


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