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Tuesday, June 21

Where's "Maldo"? A Fun Game to Play With a Youth Group

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Looking for a fun game to play with a youth group 
or a party? How about "Where's Waldo Maldo"?
We had a blast playing it with our church group.

"Verda" - One of our "Where's Maldo?" characters 

1 -First of all, I recommend you obtain permission
to play the game from the mall 
(or I heard that Walmart will let you play in their stores).
NOTE - We asked the kids not to run in the mall.

2 -We divided the kids into teams &
 instructed them to find six "characters" 
(people they know - in disguise)
milling around amongst the shoppers.
(Our mall asked us not to go in the stores, so all our characters were in the halls.)

"George" (who's actually my Hunny in disguise!)

3. Once they found each of the characters, 
the youth had to find out what they "needed"
& perform an act of service for them.
(See a partial list of the characters below.)
If you want, you can have your characters wear 
red & white (like Waldo), but we didn't.

4. The teams received a token as
they completed each task.
(I made mine with a 2" hole punch & card stock.)

5. When all the tokens were
collected, the teams returned to the
starting place. The first team to
finish wins!

Here's a partial list of the characters & the "need" the youth had to discover in order to help them:
  • Old Lady - was supposed to meet someone at the mall, but she was waiting in the wrong place. You could only help by talking to her to figure out why she was distressed. The youth helped her find her loved ones.
  • Young Mother {with a doll wrapped in a blanket} - needed someone trustworthy to hold her baby while she used the rest room.
  • Shopper From Out-of-Town  {with lots of shopping bags} - Needed to find somewhere to catch the bus back to her hotel. {PS - this character hardly dressed in disguise at all, but the kids had a hard time finding her!}
  • Middle-aged Gentleman  {AKA - my Honey!} - Was sad that he didn't have any facebook friends. His request was that the kids snap a photo with him & post it on their facebook page. {It was hilarious!}
We had prizes for the winning team & 
a treat for everyone. 
(I also got a trophy from the thrift store to give out!)

If you play, please let me know how it went.
It's good, clean fun!


  1. SO FUN! I'm sending this on to our New Gen (Jr. High Ministry) LOVE IT!

  2. What a fantastic game. I love it, can't wait to try.

  3. I just came across this and sounds super fun. Can you send me your email, I had some questions for you if that is ok :)

    1. Of course! Feel free to email me at

      Warmly, Michelle


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