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Tuesday, May 17

What a Crazy Week

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Ever since Friday the 13th 
rolled around, everything seems
to be "topsy-turvy"!

- My granddaughter Nellie--having a meltdown -

It all started with the 
Blogger glitches.
One of my posts disappeared entirely for a day,
the order of some of my posts is wonky,
& when I go to my dashboard it says, 
"You are not currently following any blogs."
Um, I'm pretty sure I stalk follow quite a few!

Now, Arnold Swarchenegger admits to 
shenanigans with a household staff member &
"The Donald" says he's not running for president 
after all . . . WHAT?!?  
(Just kidding-I think he peaked out as the boss of
"The Apprentice" anyway.) 

THEN . . . 
I went out to the garage to get one of my
thrift store mirrors that I've been meaning to hang
& the frame was broken!

I'm sure my husband someone broke it accidentally 
& forgot to tell me . . . 

So, it only cost $2 at the thrift shop & I almost just
threw it away.

(Mom, I can feel you rolling in your grave because that's 
7 years bad luck right there since the mirror would have 
certainly broken in my garbage!) 

But I thought, "Can this life be saved?"

I started by attaching my new
Disc Hanger to make it so that I could hang
the mirror horizontally instead of vertically.

Here's the odd hanging system it came with BTW . . . 
 I love the disc hanger. All you do is put a little water on
the glue on the back to activate it & stick it on.
It worked great!

 Then, I decided to use buttons to cover the hole in the frame.

   I think the secret to making something like this work,
is to make it look intentional.
So I put some buttons on the other side  too.

   It looks really cool with the other frames on my 
chalkboard wall.

Well, that's one problem solved, 
but I don't think Blogger is going to be that easy to fix!


  1. In hopes are helping you avoid another disaster, I must warn you about those hangers! I used to use them (those exact ones)all the time, and they work great for a few years. But then, all the sudden, your plates (or mirrors) start popping off the walls and shattering in the middle of the night and you will swear someone has broken into your house and is about to kill you. I think you're safe for at least 3 years, but you better find some replacement hangers after that. Just saying . . .

  2. Hi Michelle, your granddaughter is so precious on that meltdown picture! (I know I know I really wasn't there!!!)

    ...glad that at least you got one problem solved for three years at least!

    Have a nice day!

  3. Love the buttons! Now I'm scared that your stuff is going to start popping off your walls at 3 in the morning. (above comment) Whatcha gonna do??? Well for the time being I love the mirror and I think that the cuteness of it all just shows that when life hands YOU lemons you are one gal that can certainly make some fine looking lemonade! Jules

  4. MICHELLE RESPONDS: Thanks, Kristie, for the "heads up"! I will keep a close eye on my mirror (I don't want 7 years bad luck after all!). I take comfort in three things: the mirror is very light weight, the disc hanger is adhered to the paper backing of the mirror--which I think will hold better than a smooth, hard surface, & we live much drier climate than you! Thank you for your input & for watching out for me.

    Warmly, Michelle


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