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Monday, May 23

Guest Blogger "Ashley" from Heart 2 Heart

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Today, I'm happy to have as my guest the beautiful
Ashley from Heart 2 Heart.
I'm so impressed that she uses her blog
to promote service & make a difference
in the world 
{make sure to catch her Audrey Hepburn quote at the end of the post!} . . . 

Let's get to know each other shall we???
I'll go first, my name is Ashley and I can be found over at the blog Heart2Heart {Service from one heart 2 another}

My passion is SERVICE and right now I am preparing to be in the
Miss Murray Pageant in September so I can inspire my community to be involved in service and DO SOMETHING!

The Miss America Pageant system allows you to choose a platform
{a topic that matters to you and allows you to do something about it}

Well as I am sure you figured out already,
 my platform is SERVICE!!

There are so many nonprofit organizations out there and so many ways to serve others!
That is why I created "Make a difference Monday"!

Each Monday I have a guest post about a nonprofit or something to inspire you to make a difference that day!

Can you think of any better
way to start out your week
and get rid of the "Monday blues"?
I certainly can't!!

Can you think of the impact we are going to have on the world when we are all serving and helping many non profits??
This world is going to be CHANGED FOR GOOD!

I am a firm believer that service can make you BEAUTIFUL and feel good about yourself!
My favorite quote is by Audrey Hepburn

I believe there is so much good each one of us can do
and we all have a different gift to give
we all have different words we can speak
different kindness we can show
different talents we can share
and different actions we can act upon!

So go find what your GIFT is and act upon it!!

Close your eyes {I will know if you peak}
Then write down the first thing you think of when you think of YOUR GIFT

Got it?! that is your first Make a difference Monday challenge

Have a HAPPY MONDAY making a difference!!!

I would LOVE to get to know you and your sure to drop by and leave me a comment so I can check out your blog!!

{I am now searching for guest bloggers to talk about nonprofits...if you have a favorite nonprofit you want to write about and be featured on my blog please contact me}
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  1. Can't believe I've lived almost 40 years and never heard that quote before! Just beautiful. Wonderful post, Ashley! So encouraging and thought provoking. I just know it will inspire people to step outside of the comfort zone and make a difference in this world!


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