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Wednesday, April 20

A Sentimental Mother's Day Gift

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Mother's Day is coming up fast!
(May 8th--the 2nd Sunday.)

Even though most of you reading are moms
yourselves, if you're like me--you also need
gifts for the grandmas, etc., in your life.

I saved a darling Mother's Day
gift idea from a
Family Fun Magazine
article a couple of years ago.
Source: Family Fun Magazine

 First, find a photo of the mom or
grandma you'd like to honor,
then try to duplicate it with a 
daughter or granddaughter.
Set up the shot as closely as you can
to the original--copying the clothing,
hair, & props as best you can.

Source: Family Fun Magazine
In this case, the pink "jacket"
is a sweatshirt & the buttons
are attached with glue dots.

What a fun & sentimental 


  1. Oh Michelle what a fabulous idea you've shared! I lost my mom a year and a half ago (She's was a woman of faith, so that softened the blow!) but I KNOW she would have gotten teary eyed over this sweet idea. My kids look just like her so it would have worked perfectly. I hope people share their pictures with you! Jules Oh, have you found Faith Blogs?

  2. Who is able to think up this kind of creative. I think It would make a perfect mothers day gift!!!


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