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Saturday, February 26

House Tour - A Magnificent Modern Home

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My friend's sister
(we'll call her "J" because she's a private person)
had a party in her new home recently
and I was lucky enough to attend.

I do wish I had taken more pictures!

I was limited because, a lot of the furnishings
have not yet arrived & some of the lighting
is not in.

Even though there was snow on the
ground that night,
the first thing we saw as we walked
up the drive is this fire/water fountain!

Water spills over the sides of this rectangular
fountain--as a large fire blazes within.

To the right of the fire, notice the front door.
It is very large & made almost entirely from glass.

So, once I got home & looked at my photos,
I realized I had photographed 
almost all bathroom shots!

- I love the glass tile work in this shower -
Maybe that's because
this home has 8 bathrooms--
each one amazing & unique.

This beautiful tub is surrounded by wood &
has lighting underneath.

This toilet does not touch the ground. 
It is supported entirely by the wall.
The two chrome buttons above are used
according to what kind of (ahem) waste is
being flushed.

- The crescent shaped light is actually in the mirror -

 - Another beautiful bathroom sink -

Sorry for my camera flash in the mirror,
but I wanted to show what these cool mirrors do.
In the above photo, the mirror is closed.

The mirrors slide up--much like a garage door--
to reveal a modern-day medicine type cabinet 
behind them.

OK, last bathroom shot . . . 
I wash enthralled with the faucet for this sink--
which comes straight out of the ceiling!

Each step of this wooden staircase is
lit from beneath.

Let's move on to appliances . . .

Ever wish for an extra oven during holidays
or while entertaining?
Well, I lost count of how many ovens
you could cook in if you lived here!

This extra wide oven & the microwave below
are in the butler's pantry.

After I had played a game of "Where's the fridge",
the homeowner opened half of it for me here.
The four drawers below are freezers.

Two washers & dryers are great for keeping up with
the laundry--especially the towels for the
salt water swimming pool.

Here's a modern twist on the barn-type sliding door.

Here I am with one of my oldest & dearest friends--whose sister
 is the homeowner. (I'm on the right & she's the younger, cuter one on the left!)

 All this & I wasn't able to show you the movie-star sized 
master bedroom closet or the master bedroom fireplace
with Swarovski crystals in the bottom! Every detail in this
amazing home was meticulously planned to perfection.


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  1. Going to a party, lucky girl! Beautiful abode and can't decide whether there's a lot of Art Deco but absolutely love the bathroom, especially the black & white which always looks so pristine. Have a nice day x

  2. Oh' this Magnificent Modern home is really stunning. I love every single place of your home. Wish I can also have like this someday. Thanks for sharing.

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