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Sunday, December 19

Santa Collection

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I've always loved Santa
& I never stopped believing
in him as a symbol of
joy & generosity at Christmas.

Which brings me to my
Santa collection.
Most of my Santas
were gifts from friends -
which makes them even
more special!

Of course, I have my favorites & these
are two of them.

Santas also occupy my mantle.

I also love my Santa key collection.

By the way, 
we may be getting coal in 
our stocking this year . . .

I took Nellie to the mall to see Santa.
We waited in line for 30 minutes
(that's 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back!)

When it came our turn to see Santa,


Poor Santa.
I hope he didn't take it personally.


  1. I love love love your Santa's. I also have a thing for the man in red...

    I still have to take my turn with the girls to see Santa Claus. I hope the line wont be as long, and I hope my little one actually sits on his lap... Last year she wanted nothing to with him.

  2. thanks for sharing your santa collection - it's always so meaningful to collect things you love!

  3. My Emma, comment above, has been collecting Santa's too. She has quite a nice collection, but when her girls get a little older...and less destructive (tee,hee) I will have to buy her some more really nice ones.
    It is fun to have collection.
    Mine are rocking horses. My whole tree is full of different rocking horses , not one alike. I love it.
    have a wonderful glorious Christmas


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