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Wednesday, December 15

Rudolph the Red-Nosed "Rein-car"!

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One of my favorite ways
to spread Christmas cheer
is my car "costume" . . .

Can you see my nose & antlers? 

When I pick my 
16 year-old son up from school
in my festive car, he
wants to commit suicide
is a little embarrassed by
my fun ride. 

I'm always reminding the kids
that people smile at me a lot
when I'm driving around.
"That's because they're 
laughing at you, Mom!",
they respond.

Oh well, either way -
I"M having fun!


  1. Oh My Goodness..How Fun Is That??? You look absolutely radiant! And my Favorite was the Red Nose On The Grill! Sooo Much Fun!

  2. That's right you keep on having fun, You look cute in your fun ride!!!!

  3. Ha! I love it!! I want a red nosed rein car. :)

  4. We have the same set on our mini-van. However all my kids are 7 and under so they still think it's fun....I am sure that will run out soon enough. LOL

  5. That comment above from Emma...she is my was while at her house for Thanksgiving that I made your pumpkin pie thingy. Was a hit.
    I love the rein-car. It is fun to embarass our kids.


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