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Saturday, December 4

Decking the Halls - The "Dressy Tree" is Up

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About 15 years ago, 
I started decorating a "dressy" Christmas tree
in addition to our family tree.

It's kinda funny, though -
back when I started doing this -
the fancy tree was my favorite.

Now, the "boy's tree" means more to me
with it's clumped lights
& home-made ornaments.

Anywho -
here's how I decorate the
dressy tree . . . 

First of all, have you ever tried putting
grape vines on your tree? It looks great!

Next, I add my ribbon. The first time I put
the ribbon on my tree, I didn't have enough to wrap 
all the way around. So it is cut into 3 sections for
"top", "middle", & "bottom". When we take
the tree down, they are labeled so the next year I 
don't have to figure out which is which. 
(This was my friend, Colette's, idea - Thanks Colette!)

(There's my curious little dog, Sam, again-he cracks me up!)

As I layer my tree, I go from the biggest items first to
the smallest.

I use these bunches I made early on . . . 


I love these little birds with real feathers
(so does my dog, Sam!).

Each year, I add to both our Christmas trees.
I found these balls above last year & fell in love with them.

More "decking" to come - but we're recovering from
the flu, so it's a little slower this year!

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  1. Gorgeous Tree! I hope you and your family recover from the flu soon! Mimi xxx

  2. thanks for sharing your beautiful "dressy" tree! just lovely!

  3. Hi Michelle. Thank you so much for stopping by today. I love your dressy tree, especially the grapevines!! It looks beautiful ~ Tina

  4. What an awesome website!!!

    Decking Timber


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