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Thursday, October 28

Dear Christian, Who Gave You Permission to Grow Up?

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I haven't scrapbooked for a while,
but I wanted to share 
an old page with you.
It's one of my most prized possessions. 

This is a note from my youngest son,
and a photo of him at the age
when he wrote the note.

He wrote it on his own
and didn't have any help,
so it's all phonetically spelled out.

This is what it says:

To mom from Chris   a pome

in The day You com
up sters To wake me up
wen You bend over my bed
I see yore beautiful
Face I Love You mom
You are The best mom
You give the best hugs
You alwase rede me
stores at night and
tuk me in my bed
You Tak good ker of me
wen im sick You
help me win I get hert and help
me with home
wuk wod 
I do with out Yoe
The End

Chris is 16 years old 
and 6 feet tall now . . . 

When did I say he could grow up?

Here's another poem that sums up how I feel . . .

I remember when you were My Little Boy.
An extension of my very being.
My every waking moment belonged to you.
One evening, when I called you to supper, 
you came to the table all grown up. 
Where did all the in-between go?
Suddenly I was to let you go.
Now, I should always call you "my son",
But . . .
in my heart, you'll always be . . .
My Little Boy.
                                                                                              - D. Morgan

They say a mother gives her children 
two things

first she gives them roots & then she gives them wings.

The wing part is definitely harder!

PS - If you're a mom, I'll bet you have a special note or two of your own!  Make sure to preserve it someplace where you can enjoy it over the years. Another great place is a shadow box with a photo of your child & maybe some of the little flowers or homemade trinkets he made for you.


  1. What an awesome post! I was just thinking that my 7 year old was getting huge. He is so handsome!

    love your guts

  2. That made me cry! His poem is so sweet and special! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Trying to type behind my tears! What a sweet thing to share!

  4. I also wanted to add...I have always said that when you carry your child in your womb that is the only time where they are all yours. The moment they cut the umbilical cord you have to learn to let go. Each day they grow a little more and accomplish more and you do have to "give them wings" to do it.


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