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Monday, October 25

Curb Appeal- Trying to Get Some

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Of the four houses we've owned,  
(in 26 years of marriage)
the one we're living in now is by far my favorite.

Ironically, it's also the home with the least curb appeal.

This summer, we've spent our resources fixing up
the exterior of our abode. 

In the photo above, IF you look closely,
you can see two colors of stucco.
The yellow is the color we started with & the taupe is 
the new color. Taupes & browns match our 
rock work much better than the yellow did.
Don't you just love the scaffolding! 

Next, we addressed the garage doors & our front door.
When the painter put this "peachy" color
(actually "Apricot Light" by Behr) on as the base coat, 
we certainly had our neighbors worried!

(Front door before - see the peach strip on the right?)

Four steps were involved to make the doors
look like wood.
Here, the painter is applying the third
step--"Old Masters" gel stain in black.

 And here's the beautiful finished project. Love it!

Our front door has taken on a dramatic transformation . . . 

The painter artist even put beautiful details 
such a "knots" on our doors.

In my next post, I'll talk about my fall wreath . . .


  1. So pretty!!! I am actually loving my house I live in and it has so much potential but I am afraid I will make it worse and not more beautiful!

  2. That front door is TO DIE FOR! You were right to strike through painter ... he is an artist! Looking forward to seeing that wreath in detail. Jules

  3. I love the detailing on your doors. Your painter did a fantastic job!

  4. That is just beautiful. Who knew you could get such wonderful wood results with paint.


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