Sunday, August 22

The Lake Powell Book Club

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As you may already know,

(Please ignore the boat hair!)
During our recent vacation at
Lake Powell,  
about five of us could often
be caught reading -
waves lapping at our feet 
 in the shallow water -
the sun supplying ample light.
My dear friend, Donna, and I
were both reading 
the same book!

We both enjoyed it & 
I thought you might like to 
know about it.


  1. Hey, love the boat hair.
    I too love to read, and I am not sure why, but I haven't allowed myself enough time for just reading.
    I am retired......I have LOTS of time. That doesn't mean I get more done. Hmmmm.
    but I always like to get good book referrals, so I'll add that one to my list

  2. OMGoodness, loaded it on Kindle and I'm already on the third chapter...thanks for the recommendation!

  3. first comment apparently didn't take...I just finished The was like checking in with friends instead of picking up a book!


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