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Sunday, July 25

A Yummy & Healthy "Treat" - It's all in the Presentation!

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Today I taught a lesson at church
and I decided to surprise the girls
with a "treat".

We don't always bring food,  but it's nice once in a while
since those teen tummies get hungry!

Our treats are often something sweet, 
but--this time--I planned a healthy surprise  instead.

To make: pour a little Ranch salad dressing 
in the bottom of a cup.
Fill the cup with sliced bell peppers, 
celery & carrots. 

This snack was colorful, easy, & a big hit with the girls.
(They wolfed it down just like it was cookies!) 

I think it would be a great appetizer
to serve at a shower 
or book club too.

Warmly, Michelle

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea... and the colors are perfect... all bright! TFS... Vicki


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