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Wednesday, June 2

Divine Design - A Serene Girl's Room

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When decorating a room for a child or a young person, keep one thing in mind--they change & grow quickly! I always try to project five years into the future. Will the "client" still be happy with the room then--or will it seem too juvenile.
  I love the way this room turned out.

When I designed this room for Trina, she was a high school student. Now that she's in college, it's still a soothing & serene space for her to relax & do the things she loves.
Notice that the bed is cornered. This works well with a twin size bed--but it's trickier with other sizes.
It is not usually an optimal use of space, but it's so cool!

The color scheme is a combination of calming blues & browns with metallic accents. 
Remember, you don't always have to hang a mirror. 
It can just lean like the one above.

This desk was a family heirloom. 
The finish was perfect, so we didn't dare paint it to "match" the bed. It's OK to mix finishes!!  
We did have this stool recovered to coordinate with our color scheme.
The walls are all hand painted by an artist. 
(I know wallpaper is making a comeback, but it can be a pain to remove, so I prefer using paint!)
Under the chair rail, we painted a solid blue. She then taped off the stripes & went over them with a glaze. I've always loved fleur de lis, so I designed this treatment with the scroll work & 
the gems glued here & there.


  1. Where did you find the furniture?

  2. Thanks for your question Becky. This furniture was purchased (by my client) at a store that is no longer in business. But the brand name is Stanley.


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