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Wednesday, May 19

Thinking Outside the Box (or Roll!)

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Edward de Bono said "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way".  In other words, when designing your space, feel free to toss conventional thinking aside. For instance, in our home Hubby & I really wanted an office. We could have converted a spare bedroom, but when "thinking outside the box", we realized the answer was right in front of us . . . meaning our "front" room. Our living room has the best view in the house, great natural light, & is near the "heart of the home"--but we very seldom used it. Now that we've utilized it better, this room gets the family time it deserves & we're really enjoying it! I'll photograph it more later when the decor is finished. But here's what we have so far.

Here's another example of using a creative point of view. It's what I referred to in the title, "Thinking Outside the Box (or Roll). Do you recognize these drapery rods? True confessions--they are (GASP!) . . . toilet paper holders! 
 Since these draperies are purely decorative, it is OK for them to be stationary.  So, it wasn't important for the rod to go all the way across the window.

By the way, these toilet paper holders were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. Sometimes you can find them in a silver finish as well. I love the finished product.
Remember to think outside the roll box when decorating your home!

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  1. tricky little trixie you are!! Great idea! hey-I didn't mean to blow you off-I totally forgot to respond to your email.
    I would love to do a swap.This month is not good-so maybe sometime the first part of June. Let me know on a date that will work for you!!
    Happy Weekend!!


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