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Friday, April 23

A Fresh Flower Arrangement

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Maybe you've seen these cute square, glass containers around . . .  or you may even have some. There are so many great things you can do with them. They are beautiful for fresh flowers, but (I'll admit it) a little tricky to arrange in. The flowers have a tendency to fall over and it takes more flowers than you would think to fill them up. Sometimes I just fill these square vases 3/4 of the way with water & float four or so large flower buds in them (the stems are cut off). It's very easy (see photo below). 

But if you want it to look more like a traditional arrangement, Here are the instructions . . .
Start by putting some water in your vase (you can fill it up more later).  Next make a grid pattern on the top of the container with clear tape. For demonstration purposes, I used masking tape so it was more visible to the camera's eye--BUT BE SURE TO USE THE CLEAR TAPE!

Cut the flowers & greenery quite short & place them in the grid. I put most of the large Gerbera daisies in first, then fill in with the smaller flowers. This arrangement also has some Alstroemeria in it. This is a great way to display the Gerberas because they tend to droop when the stems are long. Here they are supported. Add more water before displaying (if you're transporting them, wait until you get to your destination). If you use a floral preservative, this cheery arrangement will last a long time!

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