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Sunday, March 4

Styling My Bakers Rack

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When my friend was visiting the other day, she commented that every time she comes to my house it looks different. I got thinking about what made her feel that way. I concluded that while all the main pieces are the same, I OFTEN change out the accessories in my home. The best analogy I can think of is that black dress in your closet. You can put a denim jacket with it along with some casual sandals. It looks great. But later - when you pare it with a statement necklace & high heels it takes on a whole new look. {Click the blue bar below for more!}

Let's talk today about styling a bakers rack. Here's mine - empty & ready to accessorize. 
I got this darling bakers rack from Costco many years ago. I paid very little for it, but it's always been one of my favorite pieces. It looks great no matter what I put on it.
All these beautiful white dishes were already in my cupboard. And I thought it might be fun to get them out to enjoy. I've been collecting white since my party planner friends recommended it. They look fantastic with any party & color scheme. Plus they mix & match beautifully. I happen to love green with white. So plants make for a perfect paring. 
And I always recommend mixing in something besides dishes anyway - especially things that make sense . . . .like cookbooks. And don't be afraid to make it crowded -  more is more!
And now for the challenge - go clear off a piece of furniture at your house & restyle it! Let me know how it goes. 

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