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Monday, December 19

Rustic Luxe Christmas Decor

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Merry Christmas! I've had a busy December & I'm sure you have too. As I was getting ready to put up our tree, my plan was to use the red & white decor I used last year. {See it here.} Then, at the last second, I had a change of heart & I ended up doing something different. It ended up being a woodland/luxe type vibe. I really like mixing things that are opposites & this is an example of that . . . rustic/woodsy mixed with glitter & metallics. 

I'm enjoying this sweet little "Mini Christmas Tree" that ProFlowers sent me. It came with small angel ornaments, but I love it plain in this pretty "Peace" tin container. It also came with some battery powered lights. I would definitely order one of these as a gift in the future. It's a nice change from a poinsettias. 
I enjoyed mixing the knit & fur trim stockings with beaded silver & gold metallics. These letters are from Walmart. I buy them every year & make projects with them. 

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