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Thursday, September 29

My 30-Day Slim Down Challenge Results

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Have you ever noticed that it's a small world? Mindy Buxton used to live down the street from me when she was a kid & she babysat my children. Fast forward a few years . . . now she's teaching me how to eat & exercise smarter. NOTE: Even though her program is all about healthy eating, it's do-able & not crazy restrictive like some diets I've heard about!
To be honest, my biggest goal is to have a healthy body. I want to have less fat & be strong. That's what I have loved about Mindy's program. It's all about healthy eating and honoring your body. PS - at the end of the post I'm sharing my pounds & inches lost! {Click the blue bar below to read more!}

OK - true confessions. The first time I talked to Mindy about trying her program I was pretty much in tears. I felt FEAR. Fear of failure, fear of having to go hungry, fear of having no way to deal with my emotions {other than Diet Coke & sugar}, fear of . . . fear! Ha ha! Oh dear. This may just be one of those things that you just have to plug your nose & jump in. That's what I did.
1 - Exercise is important, but if you want to see a change in your body, you have to eat differently. I had heard this before, but I didn't want to change my eating habits. I tried it out for myself by spending four months working out - one hour a day 5-6 days a week. I got stronger & in better shape, but - as far as I could tell - made no progress getting rid of fat. 

2 - Limit fruits & eat lots of veggies. Honey & I always had a policy that fruit was OK any time & that {since God made it & it is good for you} we could have as much as we want. With Mindy's training, I still eat fruit every day - but I limit how much. Luckily, I also love vegetables. So I try to fit them in all day long. It has made a difference in my body!
3 - Strength training is key. Mindy has us doing strength training 2-3 times a week. Which is why I am happy with my weight loss. It was done the right way & I've been building muscle. I'm hoping that will help prevent health problems along the way.
- Working out with my close, personal friend Alex Boye' -
4 - Watch the sugar! Label reading is essential. On this program, we try to eat way less {& she teaches you how}. Mindy & I did a shopping trip {you can see the video on my Facebook page here} where we discussed that there was a yogurt setting on the shelf with as much sugar content as a candy bar! I still splurge on desserts, but I make sure it's something that is worth it. It's not "all or nothing" & I'm so glad to get away from that kind of thinking.

5 - Don't weigh yourself everyday. I am shocked to report that this was one of the hardest things for me to change. But it has been incredibly freeing! I try to only weigh once a week now. It's so much better. My other big challenge? Drinking 8 cups of water a day. {Let's just put it this way, if I didn't know where every potty in town was before, I do now!} 
I still have a ways to go, but I have lost
5 lbs & 15 inches 
in 2 months! 
I'm so happy!

Mindy let me try her program in exchange for my {HONEST!} opinions. I recommend her challenge because you can have a healthier body, get quick results, & you don't have to go hungry. I also didn't count calories at all! I will continue incorporating a lot of the things I've learned into my every day life. Anyone can participate in this challenge via the internet, so if you want to learn more, click here.


  1. You are so inspiring! I struggle with the food part of losing weight. Mindy's program sounds like a life saver and you've done so well on it!!!!! I love reading about your success. I'm thinking of joining the march challenge. Does it come with meal plans? I know what not to eat. Desperately need ideas on meals. Veggies and grilled chicken only go so far. ;)

    1. You are so sweet Annette. Mindy is great at teaching how to eat healthier. I recommend watching her videos on Facebook (and some of them are on my FB too) for some good tips on preparing food. If you do join her program, there are lots of tips from her - as well as the other participants doing the challenge.


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