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Wednesday, December 9

Our Christmas Card to You - 2015

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Merry Christmas friends! We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Here's our Christmas card to you & a few highlights of our Christmas family pictures. By the way, check out our photo on Shutterfly's Christmas photo ideas interactive. (All photos by Elise Murdock.)

We borrowed the vintage truck from my friend. I LOVE it! And the bright, happy red just says "Christmas" to me. I also like to have some props on hand sometimes for our pictures - such as the gifts. 
In the photo below, our sweet Baby Alice is actually holding a mistletoe ball {but it got cropped out of the photo}. I adore this picture anyway & it captures her sweetness so well.
She was such a good sport because it was cold that day. AND she needed to go potty, but there was no where to go. Poor baby.
I also brought some "faux snow" with plans to blow it for the camera. Kaela looked SO adorable doing this! 
Me . . . not so much! Ha ha! 
CLICK HERE to see how I used these photos to decorate our entry way for Christmas. 


  1. What a beautiful family and adorable card, Michelle! :)

    1. Thank you so much Pam. Merry Christmas to one of my favorite bloggers!

      Love, Michelle


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