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Friday, February 13

Happy Valentine's Day to My Honey

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- Our hands 30 years ago. They don't look like this now. Ha ha! -

I heard that Hallmark issued a challenge for Valentine’sDay: to tell the person you love how you feel about them without actually using the word “love”. I decided I’m up for the challenge so here goes! 

Dear Honey,

·      I enjoy your company. When I’m with you I am home.
·      I appreciate how devoted you are to me & our family.
·      I need your friendship & support.
·      I delight in your happiness.
·      I respect you for getting back up each time life knocks you down.
·      I envy your brilliant mind.
·      I desire your attention & affection.
·      I honor our marriage.
·      I adore your beautiful hair.
·      I like to beat you in Scrabble.
·      I yearn for you when you are away from me.
·      I share your values.
·      I anticipate our future together.
·      I fall for you over & over again.
·      I am sweet on you!
       Happy Valentine's Day to my Honey


  1. This was just the sweetest post. I was looking at my hands the other day... I think they have aged more than my entire body combined! Yikes. I have missed coming around here. Homeschooling 3 kids and renovating houses has just made my online {snoopy/stalking blog friends} time limited. I can't wait to see what you have been up to. I hope you are well... xoxo jules

    1. Oh Jules, it is always so great to hear from you. I have missed you, but I so understand! I am struggling to have the time for blogging/reading as well. Good for you for homeschooling. My son used to beg me to do it, but I was too chicken. I am impressed! Would love to see some pics of your renovating work.

      Much Love, Michelle


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