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Monday, January 19

From Oak-y to "Okey-Dokey" - A Fresh Kitchen Update

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My first impression of my client Emily's house was that, in it's day, it was really something special. It seems no expense was spared and  custom woodwork was everywhere. But alas - there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. And what might have been a splurge in the 70's, can look like overkill today. So my recommendation was to scale back some of the wood - eliminating the chair rail molding & painting some of the rest.  The kitchen was a perfect opportunity to update on a budget while breaking up some of the wood. 

Emily's hubby is handy & he enjoys home improvement projects {insert longing sigh here}. They painted the kitchen cabinets themselves using Sherwin Williams "Dover White". Since they did their own painting, the project provided them with a great change for just a little money {about $200 for primer, paint & supplies}. 
This enabled them to put the bulk of the budget toward the new quartz counter-tops. The quartz was a huge improvement from the tired Corian with green trim. {The Corian doesn't look bad in the photo, but trust me - it was hideodeous!} We chose a  simple stone pattern because we wanted to keep the existing backsplash tile. Although the backsplash isn't what we would have chosen, it is neutral & workable. So it was a great place to save money. But the tile pattern is busy enough already, so the simple quartz was the right choice. 
The homeowners never used their wimpy desk {& really who does use these tiny  things for their intended purpose?}. So they contacted the company who made their original cabinets & had a matching component built so that they could make better use of the space. Can you believe the difference?

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    1. Me too Emily! Woot woot! Now on to the family room . . .

      Warmly, Michelle

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    1. Hey Barb, Sharp eye! Yes, the homeowner {remember - he loves home improvement} did raise the ceiling HIMSELF!! It was a lot of work & it took a while, but it does make the kitchen feel bigger & more open.

      Have a good day friend!

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