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Tuesday, March 19

How to Make a Poster with PicMonkey

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Here's a tutorial of how to make a poster using PicMonkey & Alphagraphics.
{BTW, a lot of the features on PicMonkey are free!}

{I wanted this one to have a chalkboard look, so the background is black}
STEP 1: 
{CLICK HERE} to go to the PicMonkey site.

Upload a horizontal photo.

STEP 3, 4, & 5:
Add an overlay to cover the photo.
{I'm recommending you use black, white, or grey colors
only for the background & text because it is very 
inexpensive to print out. Color is expensive!}

Re-size the photo.

Add the text & graphics to poster.

Step 8:
Order your print!
My local Alphagraphics will allow me to email them
the pdf file & they will print the poster onto 24x36 paper.

{The cost at my Alphagraphics is only $6.}

Here's the finished product . . . 

And here's another with a white background . . .

You are welcome to download these & use them, but I'm not sure if the resolution will be the same? If you want to play it safe, let me know & I will email either or both to you.

{CLICK HERE} for another PicMonkey tutorial.


  1. Just perfect! I love, love, love picmonkey! That's a great tutorial! I thought I read that picmonkey was coming out with a chalkboard background; but I will have to research that! You always come up with the greatest ideas! xoxo

  2. Hi Michelle! I just searched and I must have had a DREAM they are coming out with a chalkboard background. (However, you can upload a chalkboard background to use!) Again, great tutorial!!! I love it when you teach me new things!

    1. What a great idea, Jules. I will look for a chalkboard background on the web. If we do find one, it can be used almost the same as in the tutorial. We would just click on "Your Own" at the top of the "Overlays" menu & download a chalkboard background there. Thank you for all the wonderful comments you take the time to leave. You're all that in a bag of chips!

      Warmly, Michelle

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  4. Hi! I just discovered poster making websites and used one in my first ever craft post!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. What a great tutorial! Believe it or not, I've just migrated from PhotoShop CS5 being my main photo editor to picmonkey {because I can do it on my phone} and I have been trying to master it...this easy but super helpful tute will definitely come in handy. Thanks :)

    I'd love for you to link it up to my party...going on now!


    1. Hello Cute Jessica, thank you for your sweet comment & for the invite. I popped over & linked my poster tutorial.

      Warmly, Michelle

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  7. Absolutely perfect....I would love a copy of the Lorenzo Snow print!

    1. Great Jamie - I sent it to you via email. Hopefully you received it. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Warmly, Michelle

  8. This has been great! It helped me create really fun and inspired handouts for my financial education website for women that I have wanted to do forever! Thank you Michelle!!

    1. So glad, Camille! Thanks for letting me know. {You are gorgeous BTW.}

      Warmly, Michelle


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