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Tuesday, February 12

What I Wore Wednesday

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I love seeing post like this on other blogs,
but I usually don't do them {unless it's about something thrifted}.

And I certainly don't consider myself a fashionista.
BUT . . . 
I'm just having so much fun with my new
accessories from Charming Charlie's!
So here goes . . .
 Scarf {about $16}
"Gelato" Pastel Necklace & Earrings {about $18 for both}
Gold Bangle Bracelet {about $6}

{CLICK HERE} if you missed my post 
about shopping at Charming Charlie's!

PS - I did not receive compensation of any kind for this post -
I just enjoy sharing the things I love with you.


  1. This outfit is really cute, I love the scarf! Happy Belated birthday day.

    We would like to invite you to link up with us at our party. It goes live tonight:

    The Busy Bee's,
    Myrna and Joye.

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment & invitation. I popped over but couldn't find the par-tay? I'll try again later.

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. Oh you gorgeous thing!!! Are you sure it wasn't your 30th birthday you just celebrated??? Charming Charlies is so fun. Don't you love how you can walk straight to the color you need? Then you have to walk around the whole store just in case you missed anything, of course! Can I borrow that ruffled top???
    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! xoxo jules

    1. Oh Jules, you sweetie! Yes, you can borrow anything in my closet & it will look much better on you! Ha ha. You are so lucky that you have Charming Charlie's. Our nearest store is in Las Vegas.

      Happy V. Day to you also, Michelle


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